About Us

As Gozde Bambu Furniture which is one of the leading companies among bamboo furniture companies, we manufacture your designs according to your taste.

Gozde Bambu, one of the leading companies in the furniture sector, works with modeling specialists to produce concepts and continues to meet and welcome customers' expectations of comfort, comfort and topmost.

- Products are manufactured from first class chestnut trees
- Protect from external factors such as decay, humidity, fungus and insect while products are long-lasting by spraying with emulsion system
- Due to the sales and guarantee policy in Bambu in the eyes, defects that may arise in imalat can be removed as soon as possible.
- Top bamboo delivers loaded orders within thirty days at the latest.

Bamboo Furniture;

- Bamboo Seating Furnitures
- Bamboo Dining Room Furnitures
- Bamboo Chairs
- Bamboo Garden Furnitures
- Bamboo Cribs